Indoor Environmental Quality

Residential and commercial indoor air quality is essential for health and productivity

Concentrations of certain contaminants can be 2-5 times higher indoors than outdoors (EPA). Windborne Group provides a broad range of IAQ assessment options, and proposes all reasonable remedies to IAQ issues we assess.

Over 70% of Michigan housing predates the 1978 ban on lead paint (State of Michigan). Lead hazards can cause irreversible damage to child development and health. Windborne Group is dedicated to identifying lead risk hazards and presenting all reasonable controls to mitigate exposure risks.

Approximately 1.3 million U.S. workers in construction and general industry are at risk of exposure today. Asbestos abatement in Michigan is highly regulated, and requires compliance air monitoring, as well as post abatement clearance monitoring. Windborne Group serves those that are contracting licensed asbestos abatement services and licensed asbestos abatement companies, to make sure potential fiber releases are mitigated by best practices. We safe guard your living or working space, as well as abatement workers, through implementing our enhanced abatement process.

Contamination from raw sewage can contain dangerous disease-causing bacteria and pathogens. When the presence of sewage is suspected, it is important that the issue is addressed quickly, safely, and thoroughly. We can provide quick on-site sampling, coordinate decontamination, and provide post-cleanup testing.