Industrial Hygiene

Whether you’re looking to update your existing Industrial Hygiene program, or address occupational or community health risks for the first time, we’ll deliver clarity and actionable results.

Over 30 million workers are exposed to chemicals at their jobs every year (CDC). Windborne Group's approach to exposure assessments is designed to help our clients build or maintain a robust Industrial Hygiene Management Plan. First steps include a meeting to begin a Qualitative Exposure Assessment through gathering of relevant information, project scope development, and client goals. After gathering this information and other data necessary to design a sampling plan, we collaborate with our clients to execute a Quantitative Exposure Assessment. The results of exposure sampling, guide our project in building statistically valid data for comparison to the goals of the project. Our incremental and agile approach to the Quantitative Assessment makes the process efficient economically and conservative of employee health.

About 22 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at their jobs every year (CDC). Windborne Group's approach to hearing conservation starts with a collaborative approach to understanding through information and data collection. Whether you have no understanding of the current occupational noise exposure in your workplace, or you are refining or updating your current program, we can help.

Tens of thousands of Americans experience premature death due to air pollution in this country. Through scientist and citizen interest, air sensor technology has exploded in recent years. Due to high locational variability of air quality, both government and citizens are seeking more data about US air quality. Windborne Group's mission supports understanding the health risks in our communities brought about by ambient air pollution.

Since 2000, annual Legionella cases have grown by approximately nine times (CDC). Understanding your building or facility's Legionella risk is an important part of environmental risk management. We have experience in preventative measures, routine risk management assessment, and addressing outbreaks.

Through industrial hygiene principles, we can assess your processes requiring PPE, and make sure your employees are appropriately protected from respiratory hazards. Whether you need to develop a new Respiratory Protection Program or update your current one, we can help navigate the process efficiently and in compliance.

IH Program Development, Welding and Soldering Fume Exposure Assessment, Electroplating Exposure and Risk Assessment, Silica and Dust Exposure Management, Hazard Communication Implementation and Compliance, Chemical Inventories, Personal Protective Equipment Consultation and Training, Health and Safety Plans (General and Project-Specific), Onsite Respiratory Protection Fit Testing